Guangzhou Mandun Industrial.Co.,Ltd
Guangzhou Mandun Industrial.Co.,Ltd


1.Q:Do you do everything in your factory?
A: Most of the products you saw in the showroom are produced by ourselves,and some material & parts are made outside by our associated-factories, as they are the experts in their fields.
2.Q: What kind of quality control do you have?
There are 4 inspection stops in our production process, and before shipment, I also do a random check personally.
3.Q:How long has your factory been established?
A:Mandun has been established since 2020.
4.Q: Do you only produce the items(displayed)in your showroom?
5: We not only produce what you saw in our showroom, but can be for customized design &
production as well.
6.Q:How many employees do you have?
A: We have about 140 workers here and more than 10 engineers in R&D Dept,
7.Q:How many departments do you have here?
A: We have 10 departments here: Purchasing Dept,Administration and Management Dept, H&R Dept,R&D Dept,Production Dept, Q.C Dept, Warehouse Dept, Financial Dept, Marketing Dept, Domestic and overseas sales Dept.
8.Q:How do you control the quality of your products?
A: All incoming materials have to pass our IQC (Incoming quality control) before entering to our production line, and main material like aluminum profiles are purchased from high quality supplier. There are several IPQC stops (In process quality control stops)in our production line to control the quality.
We also do 100% inspection on every finished product to ensure our quality. Besides. Therefore, you can assure of our best quality.More over, we are changing our production process towards automatic control so that we can reduce the labor cost and avoid any man-made mistake.
9. Q: How about your production space(production capacity)?
A:Our monthly output is 6000 units of tent.
10. Q: How long is your lead time (production time/delivery time)?
A: Normally our lead time is about 7-30 days after receipt of your T/T(Payment or payment in advance). That depend on the quantity.
11.Q:How do I order from you
A: You can list the interest items by email. We will get back to you the detailed quotation and Performa immediately.


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