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golf umbrella

                            Golf umbrella

   Maybe many friends do very not clear which type umbrellas are golf umbrella, so I want to explain some features of golf umbrella.

   In China, golf umbrella factories mostly concentrated in the developed coastal cities, such as Guang dong province and Zhe jiang province. Quality of golf umbrella are better than other areas in Guang dong and Fu jian province, because of they have a very strict quality control and  all through golf umbrella SONCAP certification.

   Always, we are discover umbrella appear in the golf club and racing, the biggest feature of golf umbrella is big, the biggest umbrella human can holding in hands.

  Golf umbrella regular size are 25in to 30inch, along with people understand golf umbrella have many good characteristic like beautiful and sunshade, waterproof with good quality.

  In recent years, golf umbrella become more and more popular in building business relationship, they always sends to customers as business gift.  


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